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Ancient mystical sights, other wild beaches, beautiful nature. That all is waiting for you in the romantic site of Agia Pelagia. Sights, beaches, nature. Sights, beaches and nature


What comes to mind of the one, who knows it better, the person who has spent there a long time, who loves it ...wild ... mystical, hospitable, tropical, proud. Read more about Crete

Agia Pelagia

Greek village Agia Pelagia is situated in the beautiful surrounding of a romantic bay, in northern part of Crete, 25 km from Heraklion.
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Grcko & Krta


A simple word... a name... a holiday destination... the sea ... an island... Greeks... a travel agency... And many more comparisons challenge a person, the tourist. Just like that... Crete. But what comes to mind of the one, who knows it better, the person who has spent there a long time, who loves it ... wild ... mystical, hospitable, tropical, proud.


Due to abnormally beautiful natural beaches. Beautiful, but not catalogue-like beautiful. These are the beaches where the sea is crystal clear of a natural blue turquoise dark green color which can not be defined in one word... The sea in which when you dive, you sigh from a pure natural energy flowing into you body. The sea which you do not want to go out from and when you must- do not look back because if you look, you have to throw your body back splashing the waves around you... Thus, if you are a lover of water, of course. Beaches, where you find absolutely no one, only large eagles fly over your head and they get lost in the holes of rocks close by... Yet you do not have to be afraid that you would step on a water monster, or that you cut your foot on the invisible terrain. The sea that sparkles in the rays of daylight, the setting sun, or the full moon. When you look at the horizon, you feel the distant fragrant exotic Africa and mind will wander into the fairy tales of “ Thousand and One Night”. When you dive into the water with your head, you hear the silence of rolling sparkling stones, or distant silent buzzing of motor boats. When you turn upside down and lie down on your back on the water, silence... perceive only incredibly clean fresh blue sky, the outlines of rocks and hovering birds.


We tend to complain, why there is so much wind here, when I will be able to bathe, when the wind stops? ... I will disappoint you, on every island the wind blows ... that's how nature somehow arranged, that the islands are individualists, cut out from context and there is nothing to protect them, so the wind blows there. This is how I see the wind in Crete- closed eyes and I see only the corners of rocks left and right, in front of me a big blue stripe irradiated with sunlight that is reflected on the waves, and it is blinding my eyes, I feel only a whiz and strength of the wind in my hair, the face, the skin... If I come into the water, out of joy I have to stretch my arms and jump to the sun shining in white waves splashing around me. I hear the friend shouting FREEEEDOOOM ... !!!! Wow, this is the wind in Crete.


People we are different... Everywhere. Once we love them because they are different and once we hate them, because they are different ... Cretans are as a drug... They burn you with incredible love and destroy you at the same time. Sometimes you cant bear them, sometimes you cant be without them. Each Cretan "firstborn" visitor will be captivated by an incredible hospitality and the brotherhood. Nobody can remain a "cold" reserved European. Warm-hearted kindness will completely get you and you would not want to return to “ordinary” Europe anymore. Yes, Greeks know how to enjoy life and yes, they have caused the crisis, and yes, we are paying for them. The absolute nonsense... Cretans were welcoming from the very “beginning” of the world, even before we knew there comes a "Union", to be said is to be destroyed by them... Kindness and respect for the guest were in their blood already during the era of the Minoan king- ancestor of all European nationalities. So it was, and even is until today... Guest in the house, God in the house. And who gets to pay the bill for all the guests, is a winner. Proud and honored. They are not lazy, lazy people are considered unworthy sons. But they know how to enjoy the effort, before everyone else drown under stress, in most modern unscratched cars and senseless computer games... People who perhaps sometimes exaggerate tradition of honor, family and freedom at the same time. Commitment and flexibility at the same time. Odd combination, but real, hard for us to understand. And pride, unbelievable pride and stubbornness, nation being humiliated for centuries, once by the Venetians, then by the Turks, then the Nazis. Extreme respect and extreme comfort at the same time. You will be amazed by way of their life, no matter whether I “touch” another car, it is nevertheless still functional, I'll have a good healthy meal, yet my nature provides it, have a fag, because cigarette goes with discussions about life, I will quarrel, but relationships cleared up and anyway I like you, we talk, we laugh, after all, why should I be grumpy. The best proof of the Cretan attitude towards life is their language, Greek. 70% of nouns are used in a nice diminutive version. No need to comment.

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