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Ancient mystical sights, other wild beaches, beautiful nature. That all is waiting for you in the romantic site of Agia Pelagia. Sights, beaches, nature. Sights, beaches and nature


What comes to mind of the one, who knows it better, the person who has spent there a long time, who loves it ...wild ... mystical, hospitable, tropical, proud. Read more about Crete

Agia Pelagia

Greek village Agia Pelagia is situated in the beautiful surrounding of a romantic bay, in northern part of Crete, 25 km from Heraklion.
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Grécko & Kréta
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To be seen in Agia Pelagia: historical sights, romantic beaches, beautiful nature.

Knossos was the central palace of Minoan culture (first European civilization), at the northern coast of Crete, 5 km East of Heraklion. It is the seat of king Minos, the famous Minotaur’s labyrinth. In Knossos, you can find out about mystical background of the first civilization in Europe, which was highly developed already that time. More info ...

Heraklion is the capital, and the biggest town of Crete. It is the tourist destination, with international airport and atmosphere of chaotic Rome mixed with tropical Africa. It is situated on the Northern coast, almost in the island’s centre. More info ...

Spinalonga is a small island, known as the Island of Lepra. In 2010, there was a film shooted, according to the famous book “The Island“. You can find here the fortress, which was built by Venetians in 15th century and was never destroyed. Later on it became a shelter for all leprous people of Greece. Nowadays, perfect sightseeing connected with excellent boat trip. More info ...


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